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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Keep your kids away from online fraud with Android Spy

Many a times kids can enter their parents' credit card numbers in unsafe websites leading to big losses for the parents. Parents can now keep an eye on what kids do on the web using the Android Spy. It is very common for parents to give their kids their credit numbers in case they need to purchase an item online. Too much privilege however can lead to doom if not managed with responsibility. Kids can give away credit card numbers into websites that are actually in control of cyber criminals. These criminals can then go on to make detrimental use of the credit card.

Surely parents can’t keep an eye on their kids at all times. Even if they can’t be with their kids, parents can make use of something that is with the kids – their cell phone. The Android Spy can be installed very simply in the kids phone in just a matter of minutes. Subsequent to installation, the Android Spy can be used by simply going online.

Parents can monitor how kids use their smart phones by going through their emails. The Android Spy can enable parents to go through all the emails sent and received by the kid. Parents can check what sort of websites they have subscribed to. Even if any of the emails are deleted from the phone, they can still be seen by the Android Spy. Details of the recipient and sender of the emails will also be available online.

Parents should regularly keep an eye on what the kid surfs on the web. If parents know what their kid wants or is anxious about, they can counsel them regarding it. The Android Spy will upload all the browsing the kid does on the phone. Even if the history is cleared and any of the cookies are deleted, all the browsing done will still be visible on the online account. This is a very helpful tool because parents will know if their kid has used their credit card on unsafe websites.

The messaging of the kid can also be attained by the spy software for android phones. All the messages the kid sends and receives from their friends will be visible online. Thus if the kid is planning on making inappropriate use of the parents’ credit cards, parents can find out if he discusses this with his friends. Just like emails, the deleted messages still show up on the online account.

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