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MicroStealth Reviews

If I say MicroStealth has achieved remarkable success and popularity in recent days I cannot be wrong or mistaken. With its most easy and simple installation procedure, efficient data logging capabilities, variety of features, user friendly data access portal, flexible refund policies MicroStealth mobile phone spy software has effectively developed a large consumer database. 

MicroStealth phone spy software has been a great help to concerned parents, it has clarified a lot of misunderstandings, doubts and suspicions pertaining to one’s marital or teenage life, it has allowed close personality and habitual judgement, it has unified deserving people, it has given awareness of the right and wrong and has helped you in going for the right decision. 

With such miraculous attributes and countless advantages Microstealth mobile spy is no more than a blessing for the troubled soul. It does not demand you to be a real technician, any literate human who knows how to use a phone can easily make this mobile spy work. The only thing which it demands is access to the phone that you intend to monitor. If there is any lock you should know its code as you would be required to download the mobile spy application via phone’s browser.

A plus point which gives you a real feeling of being on a safer side is if you are unable to use the mobile spy application due to any reason or face any unresolved issues with the MicroStealth mobile spy application you can easily get your money back with the help of Microstealth’s flexible refund policies.

MicroStealth spy phone software has a very affordable price range despite of the fact that almost everyone is ready to pay any price for their peace of mind. The phone types on which it can be used are Android phones, BlackBerry mobiles, Nokia/Symbian mobile phones, Iphones and Windows based phones.  That means if your closed ones are using any one of the above mentioned phones and you can have access to their mobile phones any time you want to then you are ready to experience the marvels of MicroStealth.

How to Download and Install MicroStealth Spy Phone Software:

Installation guide containing step by step installation instructions are provided to the customers  right after purchase via a web account. Purchase process also includes registering for this individual web account that includes an option of username and password selection. The data present in the phone is available for viewing right after installation except for the past deleted data. Installation process hardly takes a minute or two if you have thoroughly gone through the instructions prior to accomplishing the installation task.

The basic features which MicroStealth is currently offering with the lowest price range of $45 USD for all aforementioned phone types are as follows: 

View incoming/outgoing /missed call details, the time stamp, the call duration and even the numbers with names as saved in the phone book of the phone under surveillance.

View incoming/outgoing messages with the full message content even if  the size  of one message equals two  it still gets logged fully. If the user deletes the message right after sending or reading it MicroStealth has the capability to log it still so in short you will end up thanking MicroStealth as you will not be missing a minor detail, who knows what piece of information is important and holds quick action and attention. This holds true for call logs too.

View the location reports of the phone via clear map. You can set the reporting interval as per your convenience and demand and stay alert of the phone’s whereabouts.

With this feature of MicroStealth mobile spy you can view the contact details including the names and all the numbers associated/saved under that particular name I.e. Mobile#, landline or business phone number.

You can be aware of the future commitments of the phone with MicroStealth installed via this feature.

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