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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Help your teenager come clean with Iphone Spy

Discovering that your teen is homosexual might be very shocking at first but then it’s a fact that you need to adjust to. Your teenager on the other hand might feel perplexed, disturbed and even suffer anxiety when he/she realizes about their change in sexual orientation. At a time like that, parents need to help their teenager “come out” and also understand their teenagers position. Parents can do this with the help of the Iphone spy application for Iphone users.

If your teenager has an Iphone you can install the application and therefore keep a tab on your teenager’s activities. If you feel that your teenager is being very peculiar and upset without giving any reasons then you can use the iphone spy to find out about your teen’s hidden secrets, one being the issue of homosexuality.

By looking at your teenager’s text messages and phone calls you can see if your teenager is showing any signs of homosexuality. More interest in boys, finishing existing relationships with girls and being over friendly with boys and men may hint you towards your teen’s changing sexual orientation. By going through his calls and text messages using the Iphone spy you can see if your teenager has developed an affiliation with any member of the same sex and are using them as their guide and confidante in keeping this secret. The Iphone spy also gives you details about any contact listed in your teens Iphone and therefore you can contact your teen’s confidante and let them know that you’re comfortable with this change and therefore persuade them to convince your teenager to come clean about his/her sexual orientation.

The Iphone spy application for teenagers also lets you go through your teenagers internet browsing history and therefore you can check if your teenager is browsing pages about changes in sexual orientation and searching for same sex pornography. You can then sit and talk to your teenager about their situation and let them know that it’s not something to be afraid of, it’s just a fact of their life and therefore push them to accept the truth.

Spy call feature and GPS navigation feature in Iphone spy let you locate your teenagers’ location at any time and also listen to their surroundings. If your teenager is visiting a friends place that you are suspicious about then you can make the spy call and listen to your teenager’s surroundings, therefore when your teenager comes back and the time is right you can talk to them about their situation and their “special friend”.


  1. Homosexuality is not the only reason to use the application,it can be used in various ways for the good upbringing of your teens.Parents can use it in various ways to keep a track of their child,it is really a great application. cheers!!!!!

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