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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Protecting my dad from spam’s with the Mobile Spy

Technology is known to have advantages along with disadvantages. The introduction of the Internet was a milestone in our history and it has become the most popular way for people to communicate or research just about anything. However, the Internet does have its disadvantages and causes problems to some people in particular. I came to understand one of these problems first hand when my father was troubled by spam’s and use to fall victim to them. When the problem got worse I decided to use the Mobile Spy.

Spam’s are messages of the same kind that keep on representing themselves on a persons screen in order to promote product’s or other schemes. My father is old and loves surfing on the Internet. Apart from his general research he mainly uses his phone to check his mails and it is then that he is forced to see the increasing number of promotions that represent themselves and is almost always influenced by them.

It doesn’t matter what type of spam it is. Whether it be Web Search Engine Spam, Spam In Blogs, Classified Ads or the most popular Email Spam. My dad is intrigued and moved by each and every one of them. Usually the ads that really get him going are those promising life insurance at low prices, free air tickets for vacation, cars at extremely low prices, houses at unimaginably low prices and exercise packages. He usually thinks that he can not get better deals than those offered to him and decides that he wants to try or get everything presented to him in the spam.

Due to this he has often wasted money on unnecessary things and I knew that I had to put a stop to this. My knowledge of the Mobile Spy was a life saver. Once the Mobile Spy had been installed in my father’s cell phone allowed me to view his call logs, text messages, pictures and videos, cell phone conversations, GPS tracking and most importantly for my case, to monitor my dad’s internet activity in real time. Very often at work I would be logged on to my computer and the Mobile Spy would notify me regarding what my dad was doing while logged onto the internet or whenever he would get a new email. The email spam is most popular and my father’s inbox would be bombarded with spams. Whenever he would be interested in these scams or would try to do what they asked him to, I was able to call him and stop him by explaining to him that there was no need for him to waste his time on those spam’s or be influenced by them. The Mobile Spy has really helped me in this respect.

After a while my dad stopped falling for them and therefore, The Mobile Spy Software is responsible for me not worrying about my dad and his Internet activity anymore.

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