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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Caught your partner cheating? Confront him with iPhone Spy

If you feel that your partner is cheating on you and you've caught him then get proof to confront your partner. Chances are that your partner might deny his actions and say there’s nothing going on, at a time like that you need to show your partner that you know everything about his actions and this can be done with iPhone spy. 

Even if you’ve decided to take your partner to court and declare divorce, you need to have ample evidence to confront your partner in court and the iPhone Spy will help you do this.

First use the email logging feature in iPhone spy and go through your partner’s emails. Check what your partner has talked about to his girlfriend and use the emails to find out if your partner has used any personal savings that were done by you both on his girlfriend. Finances are extremely important now and see if your partner has done this. Confront your partner with the content on his/her emails and even the receipts of his/her credit card bill. Check what your husband or wife has spent on their girlfriend and brings forth all those when you deal with your partner.

After this use the gps navigation and spy call feature in Iphone mobile spy to confront your partners infidelity. If your partner has stated that he/she is going to work or are going to spend time with friends then use the navigation feature to monitor their location. Check if your partner is going to a restaurant instead or a house. Make the spy call and listen to your partner’s surroundings to really know what’s going around them. If you hear your wife with a man, flirting with him or having dinner, use the GPS navigation feature and go to the location provided by iPhone spy to catch your wife right there at the moment.

iPhone spy will also give you an in-depth log of all the calls and texts transferred from your partners phone along with the contact details, call duration and content. Observe them and see what your partner talks about and if he’s flirting with someone, making date plans or denying that he has a wife. Then with the iPhone spy take all the evidence you’ve collected, the emails and the calls and texts and confront your partner about his lies and his unfaithfulness.


  1. I am very much excited about it.But i will like to know how this software helps in mobile tracking.

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