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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How Mobile Spy Helps to Avoid Divorce?

When someone gets married, he/she tries his or her best to take this relationship throughout life and gives full justification to the relationship. Divorce is the worst and most painful way that ends a marriage. Nobody wants it. One out of two always tries not to cross the edge. But the time span, in which one is trying to know the reason of spouse’s irresponsible behavior, seems toughest for both. It can be YOUR story!
Mobile Spy is the way through which you can catch the mischief of your spouse at the initial stage and can give a chance to your relation to protect it against the ultimate destruction, will be caused by divorce. You can find the answers by reading the miraculous features of This Mobile phone Spy software.
Spying Calls:
This feature of Mobile Spy will provide you a complete list of all the calls made to and from the mobile phone. Understand the effectiveness and efficiency of this feature. You can be able to know how long (time duration) he/she made or received the call. You can also know about the person to whom he/ she made or received long calls. This feature will not only give you the list of those frequently called contacts but also the whole contacts saved into the phone memory. There is also a magical feature included in this call-recording category that will enable you to make a spy call onto the targeted phone and you can listen to the live surrounding conversations. So by this, you will know how far (if any) your spouse is involved in an extra marital affair.
Spying Text Messages:
This feature of Mobile Spy will enable you to read and record all the text messages sent and received by your spouse. Sometimes a guilty husband or wife does not attend the call of their girlfriend or boyfriend when you are around, therefore, they adopt the way of chat through text messages. These sms tells about what is going on in their minds and by the MobileSpy software, you can know about these highly secret text messages. MicroStealth also have the ability to extract the back up of all those messages that have been deleted by your spouse from cell phone.
GPS Tracking
This feature of Mobile Spy helps you to locate where your spouse is at present. If he/ she lies to you regarding an official meeting and go somewhere else, then this feature will track the targeted mobile phone's location.
 There may be a possibility that if you’ll catch them red handedly and give him/her a chance then he/she will really feel ashamed of what they had done with you and became loyal towards you and your relationship.
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