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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cell Phone Spy Software for Android - Monitor any Android Mobile Phone

Mobile Spy introduces a brand new and innovative spy software program app for all the mobiles which use Android working program. Cellphone spy software program for android can be utilized to monitor and keep track of the actions of an android consumer. This mobile spy or android spy software may be utilized to know all particulars with the calls, messages and email messages produced in the android phone. It can also be utilized for android monitoring, providing particulars of the place with the telephone and its consumer. And also the icing around the cake is the reality that all of this information may be accessed in actual time.

A person can install this android spy app on the android cellular phone which she or he desires to track and keep track of. Following this spy software is installed, it enters into stealth mode staying away from detection from android consumer. It will then start recording all the actions with the phone that is then uploaded to an on-line server. This information may be accessed by the individual by logging into their Mobile Spy account.Phone spy software program for android has following primary features:

  • It permits android monitoring which indicates that location with the phone is recorded on every 15 minutes basis through GPS.
  • It produces a log of all incoming and outgoing calls including particulars such as contact duration.
  • It data all of the sms messages sent and received from the android phone.
  • It uploads the particulars of all the contacts stored around the phonebook.
  • It data all the reminders stored in the smartphone like birthdays, meetings, dates and anniversaries.
  • It record all the internet exercise conducted on the android phone such as web site visits and email sent and obtained.
  • It also uploads all of the videos and photos taken from the phone.

Cellular spy software program for android comes with an additional feature of Reside Manage Panel. This extraordinary feature allows surveillance in real time. Additionally to this, utilizing this feature android phone may be managed remotely. Nevertheless, this feature arrives having a price of $39.97 per year. But it includes function which makes this price a bargain. Live Control Panel permits android spy

App to perform subsequent features in real time.

  • The display of Android cellphone may be viewed directly.
  • The location with the phone may be instantly viewed on the map through GPS.
  • Phone can be managed through easy SMS. Afterwards, call can be initiated or communication may be sent remotely.
  • Android cell phone may be locked.

These features make cellphone spy software program for android unique within the market and a must buy for anyone who desires to monitor the android phone of his or her partner, children or worker.

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