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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cell Phone Spy App for Android Phone Tracking

Is your husband or wife cheating on you? Is your employee misusing his/her worker mobile phone characteristics? Or is your child subjected to mobile phone hazards? Do you want to help keep an eye on them? If they use Android mobile then cell phone spy software for Android may help you. With it, its possible to find out what your suspected cheating spouse, young ones, or employee is as much as.

Cell phone spy software for Android would be the very best and simplest technique to spy on any Android cell phone therefore retaining an eye about the person secretly. You simply really need to install it inside the Android Cell phone you wish to spy and go away the rest on Android spy app. It right away starts recording SMS, cell phone calls, videos, photographs, etc. and silently uploads them in your safe on the net account, which might be seen from any word wide web browser, anytime and anywhere. An extra gain of Cell Phone Spy software for Android is the fact that you could track your stolen cell phone with GPS tracking.

Following are the qualities that enable Cell Phone spy program for Android to execute its perform efficiently:

  • Picture Logging: check out every one of the images with the Android Telephone.
  • Recording of Calls: file all calls comprised of the Android Cell phone.
  • Recording of Environment: mail a secret SMS on the cell phone torecord all conversations from the bordering of your Android cell phone.
  • Reverse Cell phone Lookup: Just click on the Cell Phone number while in the SMS and phone detail record, toget the name and deal with with the cell phone quantity.
  • Video Logging: check out any video prepared with all the Android mobile digital camera.
  • Appointment/Calendar Logging
  • Call Record Logging: get the specifics of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Contact Information: Watch the particulars of every one of the contacts saved in the cell phone
  • SMS Logging: learn total information of inbound and outbound SMS, even with deletion.
  • GPS Monitoring: track the GPS place of the target Cell Phone.
  • Location Thru SMS: getthe present-day site belonging to the phone by sending a secret SMS
  • SIM Transform Notification: once the phone’s SIM is changed, cell phone spy softwares for Android secretly sends you a notification.
  • Tracking without GPS: it's possible to track the phone’s place regardless of whether GPS is turned off by cell tower triangulation.

Cell Phone spy software for Android could very well be ordered online. TheOneSpy and Phonespy would be the main distributors for the cell phone spy software for Android.


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